??? is a Vahki-like mutant from Alternate Bevio's dimension, being the only one of his race to survive.


??? is one of the few survivors of Alternate Bevio's universe and sided with Teridax during the Makuta-Toa slaughter. Once he found out Bevio escaped, ??? left the universe, leaving behind a universe without a single life form, except Tuyet. He arrived on Bara Magna and forced a Agori to tell him where he was. Mistaking Alternate Bevio for Bevio, he told him he was fighting against Chill and Ulthurak because of the Doom Event. ??? then laughed and stated in his universe, Teridax already did, and failed miserably, wiping out everyone except the Toa, ???'s race and himself, with ???'s race and all Toa except Bevio and Tuyet falling to Teridax. ???, knowing how the Doom Event works, flew away and found Bevio, realizing this wasn't the one he looked for. When he attempted to hide, he spotted the Glatorian/Toa Army and Alternate Bevio, so he decided to wait. He then transported himself to an unknown place.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He has limited powers over Air , Jungle and Plantlife. He can fly and create Energy Disks which he can shoot from his mouth. He can also create Earthquakes.

Mask and toolsEdit

??? does not wear a mask, but wields an Air Staff, a Poison Claw and horns. He also has spikes on his back and uses created level 8 Energy Disks, for this is his limit.


He is furious and looking for revenge on Alternate Bevio for starting the Makuta-Toa slaughter, although is a good plotter and knows when to back down.