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Asgard was once a legend that was known to give hope to those who have none, and his existence was unsure before Phyrrus. After Phyrrus was discovered as his reincarnation, Phyrrus chose to give
up his own soul so that Asgard could live once more and bring peace back to the universe. He is one of the Guardians of Fate with Vahnkas and Torak.

Before PhyrrusEdit

Asgard has existed twice since the creation of the alternate universes. He lived in a world named Symphonia, in its capital of Cydonia. He was a Chronicler as a Matoran and an adventurer. He was wandering the castle in Cydonia when he came across two dead guards. He went inside the room that they should have been in front of and saw the King of Symphonia conspiring with a shady figure. They both saw him and he ran away as fast as he could. He knew nothing about what had happened except that it wasn't good. He was chased by guards all the way to a cliff that lead to the ocean. He jumped off, but the speed he was falling at was fast and the force of the impact on the ocean surface knocked him unconcious. He woke up in and old house with a Turaga and a strange creature in it.