This is a contest where there are two factions. Attackers (Red Team) and the Defenders (Blue Team).


Entering a CharacterEdit

  • Common Sense rules
  • Don't whine if you're character is chosen to be killed permanently
  • There must be 14 contestants, 7 for each team
  • You may enter two characters.
  • No big Giant characters that can't hold anything or are too powerful.

In the gameEdit

  • If somebody dies in a mission, they are automatically revived next mission, unless it's the final mission of a scenario.
  • After a scenario, the losing team has to chose someone to kill on their team.
  • Once everyone on a team is dead, the opposite team wins, and the survivors procede to the Sequel.


Red TeamEdit

These people are given Missions, and must fulfill them. They get a bonus based on the mission.

Blue TeamEdit

This faction has one mission, stop the Red Team. They get no bonuses, other than, if it's the last mission of a scenario, having somebody on the other team die, permanently.


Red TeamEdit

  1. Reptor
  2. Nalek
  3. Flareus
  4. Torek
  5. Element Lord of Technology
  6. Shadowplayer
  7. Toa Bevio

Blue TeamEdit

  1. Clone X100
  2. Oscuro
  3. Kyhrex
  4. Thornax
  5. Photak
  6. Toa Migi
  7. Volderon