Beyond is an Iron Matoran who was forced to follow Clawkiller's ways, and as a result, turned twisted.


Mysterious '???', or Beyond once lived on the island where Clawkiller saved the Matoran from a unknown disaster. Everyone wanted to be like him, except Beyond, and he was forced to do so by the village elder. A long time later, Beyond accuires 2 jetpacks from a cargo ship and flees the island. He ends up killing everyone he met for revenge on Clawkiller, albeit he claimed to be him when talking to survivers. This made Clawkiller look even more bad than he used to be. Beyond then found 'N' in a cave one night, accompanied by a Toa and a hunter. After arguing, he left for Metru Nui, as he'd figured 'M' might go there. He did find him there, and cornered him, together with 'N'. As he was about to finish them off, he was stopped by the Skakdi Group. 'N' then captured him. He managed to escape, claiming that 'Only death could get rid of him'. He attacked the Matoran/Agori Army and fought Clawkiller, although they tied. 'N' then attacked him, and led him to Ulthurak, who believed he was an enemy. Beyond was attacked, and he killed off the Rahkshi and Ulthurak's power source, his Magma Staff, so he could no longer revive his Rahkshi. 'M' then counterattacked by slicing his mask, which made Beyond angry and he killed 'M'. 'N' could not hold himself and killed Beyond by throwing 'M's jetpack at him, killing Beyond as it explodes.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Beyond had the power to see how long one lives.

Mask and toolsEdit

Exactly the same as Clawkiller


Cold and ruthless, he could never have adapted back to his old ways, before meeting Clawkiller.