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Afbeelding2 017
Makuta Mutant
Element Ice
Powers Ice/Shadow/Fire
Status Deceased
Location Unnui
Pronunciation Chill

Chill is a mutant Makuta who was taken away to the Pit for destroying his island. He escaped after the Pit became a part of Spherus Magna. He is the one who caused Clawkiller to die, during the Doom Event Arc. Because of this, he was killed by Toa Bevio.


Chill was created when the Brotherhood of Makuta tried to fuse a Kardas Dragon with a Makuta to make it the perfect warrior. Something went horribly wrong and created Chill, who destroyed the island he was created on with a single attack. He then collapsed, due to not be able to use so many power at once. Botar then took him away to the Pit. He then decided to stay cool and just live there. When Makuta Teridax, in the form of Maxilos, was searching for the Mask of Life, Chill attacked him out of revenge, but was forced to retreat when Hydraxon came to fight him. When Spherus Magna was recreated, he managed to escape the Pit and went into hiding. A few days later, he attacked the Agori villages. "Clawkiler" attempted to stop him, but got brutally wounded and almost killed. Chill remarked that he looked like 'that one Pit guardian that stopped him from killing Teridax'. Toa Bevio then distracted Chill by using his mask power, and then flying off with "Clawkiller". The next day they came back with the Order on their side, and after a long battle, they were able to push Chill off of a cliff, seemingly ending his life. He, however, survived and has gone into hiding. He met Ulthurak, and together, they started the Doom event. After attacking a village, he started fighting Bevio at the Black Spike Mountains. However, when he tried to kill Bevio, Clawkiller took the fatal blast, and this resulted into getting killed by Toa Bevio.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Chill has full power of Ice, Shadow and Fire, as seen when he burned "Clawkiller's" jetpacks with his flame breath.

Mask and toolsEdit

As a Makuta, he had the same mask as Bitil. He, however, lost his mask power when he mutated. He doesn't use any weapons except metallic wings and a jetpack to fly. He also has horns.


Although being a brute, he is able to stay calm under any circumstance. He is also cocky, thinking the fusion wasn't a failure and he is ulitmate. He realised the truth moments before his apparent death.