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Afbeelding 235
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Ferax is a female Makuta, and the strongest of the group. She is very loyal to Rokax , and is willing to sacrifice her life for him, which happens as she is blown up by Kleg .


Ferax is a fierce female Makuta who was assigned Voya Nui before Onye did, but refused and started a riot. Miserix defeated Ferax in a fight and imprisonend her. Rokax freed her secretly, making her loyal to him. She later treathened Medrax by killing a random Makuta to show him what she could do to him if he would betray Rokax. She managed to escape Teridax's attack on Destral and flew to Metru Nui to avenge her fallen brothers, but was too late and Rokax's team fled to Spherus Magna. She was then attacked by the Skakdi Group, but defeated them with ease. After Rokax left, the team broke apart due to Medrax's betrayal. Ferax and Flakorax decided to stay loyal to Rokax and went ahead to help him. They then found the Toa/Glatorian Army and attacked them, only to get blown up by Kleg.

Abilities and traitsEdit


She could control Shadow and possessed all Kraata powers. She could also levitate and breathe underwater.

Mask and toolsEdit

She wore the Kanohi Avsa , Mask of Hunger. She also had Fire Chains, Rhotuka Spinners, a claw, spikes and 4 guns attached to her body.


She was brute, but loyal to her leader, except Miserix.