Frost, Toa of Winter
Hero of the Ice Region
Group Toa
Occupation Protector, Scientist
Element Ice
Powers Able to cause Blizzards, Ice storms, and Freeze Enemies.
Kanohi Mask of Ice
Tools Spear, Shoulder Machine Gun, Ice Pick
Status Alive, MIA
Location Unknown
Pronunciation "Frost"

 "Some are warm hearted, others cold hearted, but the Toa of Winter has a Frozen heart. It is so cold nothing can feel it. Perhaps one Day it will melt."―Toa Ekimu, Toa of Light

Bio Edit

 Frost was once a Villager from the Ice Region who found one of the forbidden elemental masks made by Makuta Syrax. The Mask made Frost hostel towards any who approached him. Realizing that the mask was starting to control him, Frost sailed for the Island of Okoto to find one of the Ancient Mask Makers, Ekimu. After months of searching, and fighting the masks control Frost found the Mask Makers home. Ekimu greeted the Toa and gave him a temporary mask. After changing masks Frost handed Ekimu the Mask of Ice to make it pure. After the old Mask Maker was done, Frost put the Mask of Ice on once more and was pronounced Toa by Mata Nui.

Traits and PersonalityEdit

Frost is cold and calculating. He is always thinking on how to beat every scenario. Many call him the living Ice statue, because of his tendency not to speak. Serious, stern, and tough make him a great warrior.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Spear: Frost spear was made from rusted out gold with a ice blaster stream.

Shoulder gun: Able to launch ice chunks over 30 feet.

Ice Pick: Allows for climbing the ice covered mountains.

Mask of Ice: Originally created by Makuta Syrax. Mask allows for Frost to freeze almost anything solid.