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Afbeelding 219
Element Ice
Powers Ice,Shadow
Tools Ice swords
Status Alive
Location MultiPalace
Pronunciation Gaa-ron

Garon is a Toa of Ice who, together with Kiron , as Matoran, accidentilly freed Ulthurak .


Garon was once a Matoran of Ice who lived in Muata 's village. He and his best friend Kiron, a Matoran of Fire, once snuck out of town and found a mysterious being frozen in a cell under a volcano. When they touched it, they became both Toa. However, the being awoke and destroyed the volcano. The two Toa survived, and found the village deserted. The Matoran then suddenly appeared and captured both, not recognizing them. Muata did recognize them and freed them. Kiron explained Muata what happened. Muata then had to sent them off the island, because of the main rule: Only Matoran and Rahi were allowed. Mata Nui then awoke with Teridax's mind and ordered a Rahkshi attack on the island. Kiron and Garon were still on it and defended the village before being knocked unconscious. They woke up in a cave were they were tied to a rock. Toa Migi then showed up and untied them, only to attack them. Kiron and Garon eventually won, saving 2 other Toa named Shade , Toa of Shadows and Nugh , Toa of Light, who were both captured by Migi. They then tied Migi to a rock and started questioning him. Migi warned them of Ulthurak, a monster locked under a volcano on the island of Kiron and Garon. He declares he was the jail keeper and that he found his cells empty. Kiron then told his story of what happened and Migi suddenly vaporized, only to appear behind him. Migi forced the 4 Toa to leave. They then went their seperate ways. They later find eachother at Metru Nui and together escaped the robot. They then almost fought Bevio , who appeared to be headed for Teridax himself. The Toa witnessed Teridax's death and decided to live as outcasts, since they thought nobody wanted them and elected Kiron as the group's leader. Kiron found the Black Spike Mountains being inhabited by Ulthurak and Chill . They found the power source for the Doom Event, but when they wanted to shut it down, Migi appeared to finish what he started. Kiron defeated him, and all of them were transported to an unknown place.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He has powers over Ice and Shadows, as he was granted this upon transforming due to Ulthurak.

Mask and toolsEdit

He wears a Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-ray Vision, although he only used it once to escape Metru Nui via a secret tunnel only he could see. He uses freezing Rothuka Spinners and carries 2 Ice swords.


Unlike most Toa of Ice, Garon is abrupt and careless. He would rather fight then talk with enemies.

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