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Harponok Stance Harponok is a Makuta.


Harponok was created out of antidermis with the other Makuta. Instead of creating Rahi, Harponok worked in robotics and energy, devoting his resources to creating a miniature sentient computer/laser weapon called Nevotnor-411. During the Convocation, he sided with Teridax. When Teridax took over the universe, Harponok fled to the alternate reality of Katora Magna. He would later begin a series of skirmishes with Chronuva's Team. During one such battle, Harponok came very close to defeating Chronuva, though was in the end defeated by Eeyavin, who launched a nova blast at him. Harponok and Nevotnor-411 returned to their fortress, only to find it had been mysteriously destroyed. He would later learn that it was Sarkanian who had destroyed his castle, and he followed it to it's lair, where he found a Baterra plant left behind by the Element Lord of Technology. Nevotnor-411 took control of the Baterra, and they were present when Chronuva, Eeyavin, Javelok, Carkoon, Vegetatia, and a badly wounded Mytharia arrived. Harponok had a short fight with Chronuva, ending in him breaking the Toa's sword with his Spider Smacker. He later teamed up with them to fight Sarkanian, and he had a Baterra weld Chronuva's sword back together.

Weapons and equipmentEdit

Harponok wields a Protosteel Javelin, the blades being made from protosteel but the handle made of an even tougher alloy. When fighting an opponent with tough armor, he will take off his shoulderpads and attach them to his javelin to create a powerful hammer-like weapon called a Spider Smacker. This weapon can shatter nearly anything, even breaking Chronuva's sword at one point.