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Ithantu with revenge to pay...

Ithantu was a Darkhunter sent after Photak when he destroyed a darkhunter camp. Not much is known about Ithantu's past but their are rumors that he came from Karzahni. It is known that he knows Photak personally, but no one knows how; at least no one living.

Weaponry and equipmentEdit

Ithantu used a large arsenal of weapons supplied by the darkhunters; but his favorite weapons were always the most cruel and inhumane. His favorites being a large spiked club, various hooks, knives and vicious traps. He also commonly let his weapons soak in venom or let his knives rust. he wears the kanohi of scavenging which allows him to drain the life force of recently deceased to give himself more power. Ithantu always loved to show off his kills, and his most common method of this was to rip off the heads of his enemies and tie them to a belt he wears around his waist.

Appearance Edit

Ithantu wore light black and red chitin like body armor that melted into his skin during an "accident". He had four skeletal legs ending in sharp spikes and his eyes had no illumination, making most to believe he is dead.


Ithantu was a ruthless tyrant who always elected himself leader of any group (mostly because he killed those who did not agree with his decision) he ruled through fear and an iron fist. Ithantu holds a deep dark hatred for Photak, Photak never paid any mind to this due to his passive behavior and quickness to forgive.