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Jareroden is a Toa of Psionics and a member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Jareroden was created by Mata Nui as a Ce-Matoran on the island of Tersvranem, an island to the north and west of Nynrah.

The Makuta of that Island, Benjarmin, ruled the land with an iron claw, prompting Jareroden to create a resistance against him. Jareroden's resistance fought against Benjarmin's numerous robotic creations, trying to liberate Tersvranem.

Years later Jareroden was aproached by a member of Benjarmin's former Toa Hagah team,the leader of the team, Taro, Toa of Lightning.Taro gave Jareroden a Toa Stone, turning him into a Toa of Psionics.

Jareroden was later recruted into the Order of Mata Nui, by a member named Zyktar.

He had several years of gruling training, eventually becoming a vetran Toa, and ascended the ranks of the Order,becoming one of it's most elite members.

On one of his missions, he met, and fell in love with a Toa of Water named Galika.

Destiny WarEdit

Jareroden, during the O.O.M.N. B.O.M. War,became a field commander,and went on several key missions for the Order.

He took all his free time training, for an inevitable confrontation with Benjarmin.

Jareroden later participated in the preparations for the battle of Destral.

When the battle came, Jareroden stormed the main gate,where he battled Benjarmin,Gothmogg,and Gorak, who were in giant armor.

After they were able to gain acces to the fortress, Jareroden fought Benjarmin, until, the Makuta caused a large explosion,in which he was able to escape.

Jareroden was later able to attach a homing beacon to Gorak,where he,along with Galika, Sayna,Taro,Treedaka, and Zyktar, was able to track them to Karda Nui.

After several battles there, Jareroden and his allies escaped.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

  • After joining the Order,Jareroden had several experiments performed on him, making him stronger, faster, and more resistant to injury than most Toa.
  • He has a strong hatred of the Makuta, especially Benjarmin.
  • He is also in love with Galika.
  • Being a member of the Order,Jareroden has had his mind shielded.
  • Also,being a member of the Order,he is forced to ignore the Toa Code.
  • Jareroden,being a Toa of Psionics,can create and control Psionic energy.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Jareroden wears the Kanohi Kezrak:the Great Mask of Reflection,which can create a reflective force field around the user,reflecting any attack to the bearer.

He carries an Electro Blade,which,when activated,can deliver a powerful electric shock to an enemy.


Strength: 14
Agility: 12
Toughness: 13
Mind: 14


  • Jareroden was created by Jareroden97
  • He is also Jareroden97's favorite M.O.C.,and is his Primary Self M.O.C.
  • Also,Matoran Jareroden is his 8th favorite M.O.C.
  • Jareroden was originally going to be a Toa of Gravity
  • Jareroden is inspired by several other ,including:Toa Hydros, KylerNuva,Youtuber Shadowgear6335,and Youtuber Jetfire28
  • Oddly,Jareroden is a,non traditionally collored,male Toa of Psionics