Keme is a Water Tribe Glatorian who wants to get paid alot to fight.


Keme is a female Glatorian from Tajun. Keme battled in the Core War. She later set off into the desert and often helped villages if she got paid enough. She later helped defeat the Skrall when the Glatorian army came to aide Mata Nui. She vanished during the battle with the Skrall, and it was assumed she died. She reappeared during the Doom Event and joined the Glatorian army. She helped take down Ulthurak. She then returned to the deserts.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Keme has no powers of her own.

Mask and toolsEdit

Keme has a powerless helmet shaped like a mutated Kanohi Rau. She carries a Thornax Launcer and a Harpoon Staff.


She is kind, if she's paid that is. She's like the Strakk of the Water Tribe, but she's not a cheater.