Kiram is a Makuta who used to be obsessed with the Mask of Life, until Teridax banished Mata Nui to Bara Magna. Kiram escaped with a stolen pod Medrax made, and escaped the robot. Instead of fighting, he transported himself to an unknown place, where he could see everything well.

Afbeelding 234

Makuta Kiram


Kiram is a Makuta who was obsessed with the Mask of Life, to the point of almost putting it on. However, he became cursed for touching it. He learned of Teridax's betrayal, and made it to the pod Medrax made just in time. He watched in horror how Teridax killed the other Makuta. He left the robot shortly before Rokax and his team. He saw the fighting, and decided to wait until the time was right. He transported to an unknown place where the Doom Event could not reach him. He watched the events that happened, and decided to transport some of them to him, including accidentally Migi and Shena. He introduced himself to them, and told them something, and left.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Kiram has massive powers of Earth , Rock, Shadow, and even Teleportation. He has all basic Makuta powers, too.

Mask and ToolsEdit

He wears a Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity with attached gear and spikes, which he used to calm everyone down when he transported them. He has a claw and a Dark Staff. He also has armored wings.