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Group Ta-matoran
Occupation fisher
Tools Crazak dagger, diving tool
Status Alive
Location Tarat Nui
Pronunciation lac-se-ti

Unlike other Ta-matoran , Laxetti enjoyed living near ocean. He was able to dive in for five hours, using his diving tool. He doesn't wear any masks, and is proud of 'not hiding his face'. laxetti is a fisherman of Tarat Nui, working with his pet rahi scrouder.


Laxetti was born in Tarat nui, and had never left it. He lived in Ta-Tarat, which had 2 great volcanoes which didn't erupt since the Tarat nui has ascended from the deep ocean. Laxetti didn't like the hot weather, and decided to leave Ta-Tarat. As soon as he leave the Ta-Tarat's hot area, he see Ga-Tarat, part of Tarat nui which is full of rivers and lakes. Then, he choose to settle there. Soon, he learns diving from the Ga-matorans, and start to work as fisherman with the Ga-matorans. Then, he finds a diving tool and a crazak dagger. He modifies it into a form that he can use, and starts to use it every time he goes fishing. After some days, He finds a load of scrouder, and capture and tame one of them as his pet. While capturing the scrouder, He gets an scratch on both arms, and his arms turned green by the infection. Later, the infection was cured, but his arms were still green.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Laxetti was able to dive for 30 minutes without any diving tools, and was able to dive for 5 hours with diving tool. None of the scientist matorans of Tarat nui figured the reason.


Laxetti used an orange Crazak dagger and a diving tool. Crazak dagger could cut the seaweed easily and quickly, and diving tool would store enough air for a matoran to breathe underwater for more than 3 hours.