Life was one of the three Legendary Powers, along withTime and Creation. The only object able to control life was the Kanohi Ignika, the Legendary Mask of Life. This means that no Matoran or Turaga of Life exist. In fact, no true Toa of life exist, as Toa Ignika was merely a body created by the Kanohi Ignika, and Mata Nui's body was created by the Ignika. This element is too powerful for any Toa to use and even requires the death of the user in order to be used.


  • Restoring life.
  • Creating life forces.
  • Controlling life forces.
  • Absorbing life forces.
  • Mutating/controlling life-forms.
  • Accelerating/Reversing/Stopping aging.
  • Creating a Life Nova Blast. (Toa Ignika exclusive)


As Life is a legendary power, it cannot be combined with any element or other legendary power.


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