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Afbeelding2 028
Element Fire
Powers Fire
Tools Fire Staff, Shield
Status Alive
Location MultiPalace
Pronunciation May-how

Mahow is a Toa of Fire who holds a grudge against the Toa Nuva for (unknown to them) he was trapped in Teridax's room until the Mahri Nui Saga.


Mahow was a Matoran of Fire of Metru Nui, who witnessed "Clawkiller " killing the Turaga of his village. He was later put in a Matoran Sphere like the rest and brought to Mata Nui. He was infected by the Rahi, although later rescued by the Toa Mata. He disappeard during the Bohrok Invasion, and was assumed dead. He got stuck in Makuta's lair, where he hid himself. He witnessed Takanuva defeat Teridax and the opening to Metru Nui. He, however was still stuck and stayed behind on Mata Nui. He was found by the Toa Nuva when they came to re-awake the Bohrok Swarms, although Mahow first refused to leave, saying the Toa abadonded him and he wouldn't trust them, although Gali managed to convince him. When he arrived in Metru Nui, he started an argument with another Fire Matoran who knew him. The Matoran told him he was assumed dead. Mahow was angered, saying the Toa didn't even look for him. He yelled out to the Turaga he would hate Toa and never forgive them, which shocked the Turaga. He then walked away, almost attacking Turaga Vakama when he tried to talk to him. He hired a boat which he used to travel to Destral. He stole a Toa Stone and got off the island moments before Teridax struck the island. He traveled to Metru Nui and managed to sneak into the Toa Suva and become a Toa. He was caught by the Rahkshi but escaped. He later migrated the Matoran Universe and saw Toa and Glatorian battling Rahkshi and started to doubt what to do. He then saw Mata Nui killing Teridax. He ran into the desert and started to spy on the Makuta. He discovered the flaw in the Doom Event, just like J did. He then went to the Doom Event, but was transported to an unknown place.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He has the powers of Fire and Heat. He can also levitate.

Mask and toolsEdit

He wears a Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding. He has a Rhotuka Spinner Shield and a Fire Staff.


He is mostly confused, and holds a grudge against the Toa Nuva.