Muata is a Matoran of Air who was chosen as Turaga by the Matoran of his village. He is wise, and only allows Matoran and Rahi on his island. After migrating, he settled in the Agori village.

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Turaga Muata


Muata was a Matoran who was 'fixed' by Karzahni and sent to an island in the Southern Continent. He was selected as the leader of the island. Later, he captured Kiron's team. He freed them before the Rahkshi attacked. He later migrated to Spherus Magna. Later, he convinced the Agori to listen to "Clawkiller". He attended at Clawkiller's funeral. Later, he got kidnapped by Ovarr's minions, leaving his fate unknown.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Muata has no powers

Mask and toolsEdit

Muata has a mutated Kanohi Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion. He also has a staff and a razor claw.


Muata is kind and wise, like a Turaga should be, but can defend himself well, like a Matoran can.