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Mutated Rahkshi are zombie Rahkshi with enhanced powers, summoned by Ulthurak . They stalled alot of time, but perished when Beyond destroyed Ulthurak's power source, his staff.


The mutated Rahkshi came into existance when Ulthurak brought a Turahk, Nuurahk, Korahk and Lerahk back from the dead, mutating them in some way. MuNuurahk and MuLerahk have alternate colors of legs and feet, MuKorahk has different legs and feet and MuTurahk was completely different from the rest. They have no Rahkshi Spine or Kraata. After starting the Doom Event, Ulthurak sent them to stop the Matoran/Agori Army, but were killed by Beyond.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


They have enhanched Kraata powers.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Normal Rahkshi weapons.


They act like normal Rahkshi.