The Mystery Turaga is the Turaga of the village Clawkiller saved. He is the leader of the Mystery Matoran, including M, N and Beyond. He forced Beyond to be like Clawkiller, which eventually drove Beyond insane.


The Turaga lived on this island in peace with his Matoran, until the island was under attack. Clawkiller saved the Turaga from certain death, and was thanked in a special way. The Turaga promised to train his Matoran to be like Clawkiller, although Beyond didn't want to. Beyond later fled the island, and the Turaga asked 'M' and 'N' to search for him. Later, he evacuated together with the other Turaga. He stayed behind in the village, and begged 'M' and 'N' to defeat Beyond. He is later seen standing by Clawkiller's grave. He lives a good life from then on, although he apoligized to Beyond's spirit every night, to make up for his mistake. Until...



His powers as a Toa are unknown. As a Turaga, he has none.

Mask and toolsEdit

His Kanohi is unknown. He has no weapons.


He is very living and grateful, although too much of the latter caused Beyond to become insane.