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Afbeelding 232
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Oney is a brute Makuta who follows Rokax , although he believes Medrax is the better one out of the two.


Onye is a Makuta of who is, like Medrax, not happy with Rokax being their leader, although Onye doesn't want to betray him, out of fear for Ferax. He was once bribed by Medrax to keep it a secret that he gave the toa Hagah the plans of Teridax. He was also once the Makuta of Voya Nui, but was cast aside in favor of Mutran. He was still able to see "Clawkiller's" life on Voya Nui, and started spying on him. He later found Bevio and sent him to Rokax for expiriments. He later escaped Teridax's attack on Destral. He flew to Metru Nui for revenge, but was too late and fled out of the robot like the rest. They sheltered in the Black Spike Mountains. He was attacked by the Skakdi Group like the rest and they defeated them. He then parted ways with the others and decided to help Medrax in his qonquest. He then saw Medrax transforming. He flew away, scared to lose his life and flew towards the Doom Event. However, he was then transported to an unknown place.

Abilities and traitsEdit


As a Makuta, Onye can create, control and absorb Shadow. He possesses all Kraata Powers. He can also levitate.

Mask and ToolsEdit

He wears a rare Kanohi Cydro, a mutated Kanohi Huna. He has a special Cordak Blaster and a sword.


He is a bully, and isn't one of the nicest. He is easily misguided and bribed.