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Group Artakha Fighters
Kanohi Ruru
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation OS-COO-ROW

Oscuro is a Toa member of the Artakha Fighters.


Oscuro was once a bounty hunter, specialising in sharp-shooting.

The Artakha FightersEdit

He was recruited to join the Artakha Fighters by their leader because of his sharp-shooting.

The Darkness in LifeEdit

He fought Nalek when the Artakha Fighters lauched an attack on the same island. He promised to return and finish the fight one day.

He returns 5 years later with another member of the Artakha Fighters. He fights Nalek, while "Fast-Mover" is keeping watch. Cien and Tomoe arrive and the five come to an agreement. Oscuro then opens a dimension gate to Furro, but Nalek shatters his Olmak before he could slip through.

El Caballero OscuroEdit

Oscuro trys to explain to the Artakha Fighters leader that Nalek got away and he destroyed the Olmak but, it turns into a heated arguement. He thens leaves the building as the Artakha Fighters move to a new base.

He also attacked Nalu and two Order of Mata Nui agents with Tryx and "Shape-Changer". "Shape-Changer" dies after killing one of the Order agents. He and Tryx then leave the island to avoid the conflict between the traders.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Weapons put away.

Oscuro was a silent Toa. He preffered to fight alone, and with an advantage. He carried a Lightning Sword and a Nyrah Ghostblaster.


Strength: 14
Agility: 14
Toughness: 16
Mind: 13


  • "Oscuro" means "dark" in Spanish.
  • His element is currently unknown.