Ovarr is the leader of the Dark Beings, who want to reactivate the Doom Event that was shut down by Bevio, so that he can steal the Mask of Creation.


Ovarr was once known as Ravor, a Matoran of Sonics, who was extremely sensitive to sounds, even more than other De-Matoran. At a point in his life, he grew tired of it, and left the village; which later turns out to be Heart's village. As he left, he encountered a Makuta named Chirox, asking for directions. Ovarr pointed him towards the island of Visorak, and left. Some centuries later, he killed a Toa and became a wanted criminal. As he was cornered, he found a Toa stone and transformed. He was now able to defend himself. He left afterwards, and bought some armor in a different color, so that nobody would know his real element. He disappeard until the Doom Event was stopped. Ovarr met Medrax and made a deal with him. Ovarr then vanished, and formed the Order of Dark Beings, taking in Vezon II as a member. As elected leader, Ravor changed his name to Ovarr, and began plotting.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


He has full power over sound, being able to create any sound he wishes. He is also able to stop sound from reaching himself or others. It is also known he is very strong in sword-combat, and weaker in elemental blasts.

Mask and ToolsEdit

He no longer wears Alternate Bevio's grey Avohkii, but a helmet without power now. He returned the mask. He wields a Life blade, and wears Vezon II's cape. He has a Time Gun. He also has a strength amplier on his arm, doubling his elemental powers. He wears different colored armor over his usual grey armor.


Ovarr is wise and, actually, very patient. He is still unmercyfull against those who trie to scare him with sounds.