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Afbeelding 239
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Rokax is the leader of the surviving Makuta, although some don't see him as a leader, and are trying to take him down.


Rokax is a Makuta from the island of Destral who was once working on the 'Ulthurak ' experiment. When it failed, he was forced to capture Ulthurak. He then experimented on a Fenrakk Spider and a fellow ice Makuta, creating Chill. When he escaped, Rokax was punished. He would not get assigned to watch over an Island anymore. He then started experimenting on a Matoran called Bevio, however, he stopped this. He then assembled a Makuta Team of his own, for he knew the Toa Hagah would one day find out about the Brotherhood's real plans. His team consisted of: himself (leader), Onye (Second in command), Ferax (Elite), Flarokax (Elite), Spine (Minion) and Medrax (Minion and messenger). They would rebel against Makuta Teridax, but before they could, Makuta Teridax traveled to Metru Nui to start his plan. He then stayed as an Elite Makuta until Destral was destroyed by Makuta Teridax in Mata Nui's body. He and his team managed to escape and flew to Metru Nui to have their revenge. However, once Teridax landed on Bara Magna, he changed plans and attacked the Glatorian alongside the Rahkshi, until Teridax died. They then hid themselves away in the deserted Black Spike Mountains and started plotting. When Ulthurak started the Doom Event together with Chill, Bevio came out of the village and Rokax and his team prepared to attack, until they were attacked themself by a group of Skakdi. His team stayed behind while Rokax attacked the three himself. He was, however, betrayed by Medrax, who killed him. However, Eold claims he can still see him.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


As a Makuta, Rokax could create, control and absorb Shadow. He possessed all Kraata powers. He also shape-shifted from time to time to hide himself. However, after Teridax controlled the Universe, he did no longer do this, because he couldn't fool Teridax. He was very calm, but got angry easily when something he did didn't turn out as he wanted.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Rokax wore a Kanohi Kraakhan, Mask of Shadows, which he stole before Teridax killed the other Makuta. He had a Shadow Lance, and alot of armor.