Romoa is a Glatorian from the Jungle Tribe, who isn't Mata Nui's biggest fan.

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Romoa is a rookie Glatorian who wants to be famous, like Wave and Tarix are. He searched for a Jungle Glatorian who would train him. He found Exold when he returned and he agreed to train him, although Romoa never imagenid a training this extreme, like running from Vorox without attacking them and sparring with Exold and having to win with only one hand. 5 weeks later, he managed to surpass Exold and was about to fight in the arena, when the Agori decided to stop tournaments because of the Skrall. Romoa held a grudge against Mata Nui from that day, although he helped defeat the Skrall, with some talk from Exold and Wave. Afterwards, he battled the Rahkshi and almost died if Tahu didn't destroy them. He then witnessed Mata Nui kill Teridax and sacrificing himself to restore the planet. Since then, he no longer held a grudge against Mata Nui. He is later seen joining the Toa/Glatorian Army and helped take down Ulthurak. After that, he and Exold continued their training.

Abilities and traitsEdit


Romoa has no powers, as he never met Mata Nui in person

Mask and toolsEdit

He has a helmet, like all Glatorian. Ha has a Razor Blade and a Thornax Launcher.


He gets easily jealous, but is really stubborn when it comes to surrendering and can be a true hero when he needs to.