Shadowscar is the leader of the Shadow Hunters, a group of elite killers that were mutated by Shadow Kraata.

Early Years

Shadowscar was once a Matoran on the island of Attro Nui, away from all other Bionicle kind. He had a good life, but it was ruined when he was kidnapped and taken away from his home, as well as brainwashed. This new, brainwashed Matoran would do anything his master, a mysterious being, said. He was trained by the being and turned into a fearless killer and warrior. He, along with a group of other Matoran, lived out their regular lives on the island, but at night, they were given their next target.

Shadow Hunter

A group of Turaga went out on a secret mission, and Shadowscar and his Hunters learned of it. They planned to assassinate the Turaga in order to make their master proud. But, when they went on their mission, they had no idea what was going to happen to them. They found the Turaga, and then Shadowscar gave the order to attack. They killed the Turaga without much problem, but a small canister broke open during the fight, releasing four Shadow Kraata. Shadowscar was too late to realize what was going on, and the Shadow Kraata overtook him and his teammates easily and caused their masks, bodies, and armor to mutate into something between a Makuta and a Matoran. Shadowscar was affected the most, and he was given the powers of both Makuta and Toa, and rose greatly in height. He and his team went into hiding to recover from what happened, but they came back very soon. They attacked the island of Attro Nui, killing its Toa defenders and causing the surviving Matoran to flee. But, little did Shadowscar know that he had made some new and very powerful enemies, the Toa Attro!

Powers and Abilities

Makuta powers: Able to control sound, gravity, and shadow. Toa powers: Able to control elements such as fire, water, air ,ice, stone, and earth. Enhanced strength, speed, and stamina. Limited control of plasma.