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Shardak is a Toa-Hero/Elemental Prince created by Arcturas to vanquish his enemies, The Seven Traitors. An alternate version of this Toa played a large role in the Eternal Game, before being killed by Antidax in the Battle at the Void.


Shardak, Toa/Elemental Prince


The Eternal GameEdit

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In the core universe, an alternate form of Shardak, along with Blast, was captured by an alternate Veiled One Empire to compete in the Eternal Game. He, along with Blast, fought in the battles over the weapons cache on the "game board" section of the arena. He was attacked by Harlen, who Kental killed with a Shattering Gun. Shardak then witnessed another contestant, a Toa of Light named Ravdev fall into a pit of lava before being killed by a Lavawight.

After recovering a weapon from one of the caches, Shardak was attacked by a massive Stitched Scion, who sent him reeling, however, he managed to escape the being before it could finish him off. After recovering, Shardak killed a Toa of Ice named Soalaz after throwing a sword into his back. He then fled the area, questioning what events lay ahead of him.

Later, he was captured by a group of Brotherhood of Fear/Gigas Magna Empire soldiers, led by Krakanus. After killing the Makuta lord in single combat, he was attacked by Tetrack. Before the dark lord could kill him, he was attacked by Fairon, Fyxon, Leptys, and Brominax. Shardak fled after the battle. After killing Vitran and Lesorak, he rejoined Blast at the Void, where the Toa alliance battled Antidax and his minions. Antidax flung him into the Void during the final struggle. What this meant for Shardak at the time was unknown, and he was announced as dead by the Kodax.

Later, the Shadow Matoran Corzakx entered the Void, accompanied by fifty Shadow of Ages soldiers, stumbled upon Shardak's limp corpse lying near the edge of the Void. Corzakx noted that Blast was not with him.