Shena is a mutant Matoran of Psionics , who's mysterious nature make it unsure wether she's a villain or hero.


Shena was a Matoran of Psionics who was once captured by Visorak and mutated into her current state. She later joined the Dark Hunters, but betrayed them when Teridax took over. She fought at Teridax's side, until she knew about the revival of the Visorak. She fled into the desert and met Clash. She learned of the Doom Event and flew off to the Black Spike Mountains, where she saw Kiron's team fighting Migi and suddenly, got transported along with Kiron, his team and Migi to an unknown place.

Abilities and traitsEdit


She has full powers over Psionics and has the ability to fly. She can also channel her powers through her sword and tentacle.

Mask and toolsEdit

As a Matoran, she had a yellow Kanohi Rode, Mask of Truth. As a mutant, she has no mask. She has a special Power sword and a tentacle.


A curious and carefull person, but can be brave when needed.

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