Sonics was the element of sound. This element was used by Toa and Turaga of Sonics, and De-Matoran. Toa of Sonics had almost perfect control of the element. The element gave Matoran an acute sense of hearing. Turaga abilities were somewhere in the middle.


  • Using sonic waves to disrupt a structure's integrity.
  • Absorbing sound to create a field of silence.
  • Unleashing a Sonic Nova Blast (Toa Exclusive)
  • Shaking apart a target into dust.
  • Using sonar to detect invisible things.
  • Acute sense of hearing comes with this power.


It has been confirmed by Greg Farshtey that beings other than Toa cannot combine powers of any sort to create aProtodermis cage. It has also been confirmed that as long as each wields a different element, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage.

Known UsersEdit