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Afbeelding 226
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Spine is a Rahi Makuta who is also loyal to Rokax . He discovered the secrets of the Doom Event. However, Medrax killed him before he could tell Rokax.


Spine was once a Rahi who was transformed into a Makuta by Rokax. He was then mostly sent to obtain power objects for the Brotherhood. He later escaped the Matoran Universe when Teridax destroyed Destral. He was later attacked by the Skakdi Group, but defeated them. He then went his own way and discovered information of the Doom Event. He tried to warn Rokax, but met Venom on the way and tried to get the Rahi to join him. Venom then challenged him. After losing to Venom, he got killed off by Medrax.

Abilities and traitsEdit


He had control over Shadow and possessed all Kraata Powers. He could also fly and speak to Rahi. He could extend his arms.

Mask and toolsEdit

He had no mask and only carried a sword.


He was impatient and angry, like a Rahi, but could be calmed. He was also loyal to Rokax.