Stone (also called Rock) is both Elemental Power, and element in the Matoran Universe and on Spherus Magna.


  • Creating Stone
  • Manipulation of stone.
  • Absorbing stone.
  • Destroying stone.
  • Setting a delayed stone reaction (Toa Nuva-exclusive).
  • Unleashing a Stone Nova Blast.
  • "Possessing" stone. - Element Lord-exclusive
  • Incredible strength also came with this Element.


  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Fire, it can be used to create lava.
  • When combined with any other five different Elements, it creates a Protodermis cage around the target that is only breakable by a second union of the six Elements.


These beings are/were wielders of the Element of Stone:


These locations are/were affiliated with the Element of Stone:

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