The Skakdi Group is a group made out of 7 Skakdi, with each having a different element. The golden Skakdi, Gord, is the leader, unless they're hired for a job.


  • Gord (Leader)
  • Rond (Second in command)
  • Aigle
  • Patle
  • Heva
  • Angro
  • Icok
  • Vezon II (Formerly)



The Skakdi Group was formed during the Great Cataclysm (With the exception of Vezon II). Gord was voted as leader, and they started to become bounty hunters. They were eventually hired by Mysterious M, who they protected from an underwater attack from J. They were then dismissed when they arrived on Metru Nui, after being paid. However, they followed M and knocked out Beyond. Afterwards, they split up for 500 years, in which time Gord met Vezon II, who temporary became a member. They regrouped afterwards, and joined Teridax's armies, until they escaped from the robot, and they turned against him. After witnessing Teridax's death, they fled into the desert out of fear of being locked away. They challenged the Makuta, but lost. They later attended at Clawkiller's funeral. What happened to them later is unknown.