Thorakk== As an apprentance to a black smith Thorakk loved making replecas of masks, he had a neer perfect replaca of every mask of power known, His favorite was Mata-nui's mask. He carried it around all the time. Thorakk was also very fast, running around like the wind. Because Thorakk was fast and strong he became popular. Thorakk became vain, overconfidant, but still calculating. He would divise stratigies to anger beasts and then hide in a cave on a cliff neer the village. the beasts would pound at the cliff uncovering metals for Thorakk to use. One day Thorakk bosting about his bravery traped a kikanalo in a cave and tormented it. After having his fun he let the kikanalo out, on the oppisite side of the cliff, miles away from the vilage. When Thorakk got back he saw his vilage destroyed by the kikanalo's heard in search of their missing

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