Toa Harun, Toa Attro of Air.


A peaceful Matoran in the Red Clan on Attro Nui, Harun was best friends with Taiko, a Ta-Matoran also in the Red Clan. The two, along with their four other friends, were forced to go on a journey by boat away from the island when the vicious Shadow Hunters arrived.

Journey and Toa Stone

Harun was separated from his friends in a lightning storm. He, along with all five friends, was forced to travel alone in different directions. He was in a time of great need, running from giant Rahi on a deserted island, when he fell off a cliff. In midair, a green Toa Stone appeared in front of him. He grabbed it and suddenly found himself flying straight up. He then, as the new Toa Attro of Air, Toa Harun, easily defeated the Rahi.

Toa Attro

Toa Harun then found his old friend, the now-Toa Taiko. The two journeyed back to Attro Nui and found it destroyed, along with the Toa that once protected it. The two were devastated and set out to find their friends, determined to make the Shadow Hunters pay and rebuild their home.

Powers and Abilities

Kanohi Mask of Armor: Gives wearer large amounts of defense and near invulnerability. Air Scythe: Extremely fast, able to cut through anything, but drains user's power quickly. Energy Launcher: Shoots spheres of elemental energy. Clan Armor: Used by all members of Red Clan, unbreakable.