Toa Taiko

Toa Taiko, Toa Attro of Fire.


Taiko was a peaceful Ta-Matoran in the Red Clan on the island of Attro Nui, shut off from all other Bionicle kind. All of this changed when the Shadow Hunters attacked. Taiko and his friends were forced to leave their island while the Toa there tried to defend it.

Coming to be a Toa

Taiko and his friends had a rough journey, hiding from Rahi, Rahkshi, and Shadow Hunters as they traveled slowly by boat. The six Matoran were split up, with Taiko being alone. As they traveled, unknowingly, they displayed the bravery and destiny to be Toa, and all separately, in times of need, they were given Toa Stones. Taiko was cornered by a group of Rahkshi, a glowing red stone appeared before him. Taiko had become Toa Taiko, Toa Attro of Fire! Taiko easily fought off the Rahkshi and started the journey back to his friends.

Toa Attro

Taiko met up with the new Toa Attro of Air, Toa Harun, who had been his best friend as a Matoran. The two quickly used their newfound powers to propel their ship back to Attro Nui, figuring that the others could do the same. They got back to the island very fast, but were devastated when they found it destroyed. They promised to find their friends, avenge the fallen Toa who had died to the Shadow Hunters, and rebuild Attro Nui.

Powers and Abilities:

Kanohi Karta: Gives extreme super strength to the user, allowing them to lift almost anything for a amount of time. Toa Spear: Taken from a fallen Toa as a reminder of the previous defenders of Attro Nui. Can be used offensively or defensively. Fire Blaster: Able to shoot strong bolts of fire energy. Clan Armor: Worn by every member of Red Clan, nearly indestructible.