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Afbeelding 223
Element Water
Powers Water/Illusion
Status Alive
Location Metru Nui; Alternate dimension
Pronunciation Tuu-jet

Tuyet is a Toa of Water who has done some serious crimes in the past. However, this Tuyet is from Alternate's Bevio's dimension, and is one of the only surviving beings left.


Her history is almost the same as the original, the only difference is that she showed herself during the Doom Event. She survived, and killed Makuta Teridax, making her, ??? and Bevio the only survivors left, as ??? killed every Order Member after Bevio left. She was left alone to fend for herself. However, she found a gem which would change that forever. She managed to create illusions with her powers, and recreated everything under her command. Everyone saw her as a queen, except ???, who flees to another dimension, our main dimension. Tuyet uses her powers to send an illusion Tuyet after him, who saves Medrax from Migi. The illusion joins the Toa/Glatorian Army, and disappears before they reach the Black Spike Mountains, due to being out of strength. The real Tuyet is seen in the final chapter of the Doom Event Arc, where she opened a portal to the main dimension, claiming she'll get Alternate Bevio back, and that she isn't alone. A pair of red eyes are seen, laughing, with visible claws, filled with blood. Tuyet then noticed another portal opening behind her.

Abilities and traitsEdit


She has full powers over water, and since her discovery, illusions too.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Tuyet carries a sword and has a robot arm, because she lost her right arm in the battle against Teridax.


Perhaps even more evil then her main counterpart, as she revives everyone (except the Makuta) with the illusionary thought that she is their eternal ruler.