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Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

Ulthurak is a Mutant Rahkshi of Fire who has a mind of his own, and therefore, is capable of unleashing the Doom Event. However, before he could do so, he destroyed himself when the Toa/Glatorian Army captured him and wanted to research him


His life started as a normal Rahkshi as an attempt of the Brotherhood to create a Super-Rahkshi. It, however, went horribly wrong, and he started to get a mind of his own. He soon rebelled against his masters, but Makuta Miserix locked him away. Around 100.000 years later, he escaped when two Matoran, Kiron and Garon touched his prison cells, waking him up and transforming the two Matoran into Toa in the process. Teridax then took over Mata Nui's body. He then decided to help the Toa, for now. He slaughtered millions of Skakdi, evading all Rakshi, treating them as brothers to him. He escaped the Robot and witnessed Tahu kill the Rahkshi and Mata Nui killing Teridax. He then swore revenge for his fallen brothers, not realizing other Rahkshi were mindless slaves to Makuta. He used his powers to bring back 5 Rahkshi from the dead, mutating one in the process. He then met Clawkiller and Bevio, and warned them his revenge would be devastating. He went into hiding, plotting his plan, and met Chill. He made a deal with him and together they started the Doom Event. They then attacked a village to show they were still alive. They then challenged Bevio at the Black Spike Mountains. Ulthurak got in a fight with Beyond, who destroyed his power source, his staff. Ulthurak could no longer revive his Rahkshi, and was taken down by the Toa/Glatorian Army. However, upon hearing that he would be brought to the Order, he destroyed himself with a detonater he had with him.

Abilities and traitsEdit

Like all Rahkshi, he could fly, although he did not have to take a pose to do so. He could also wield his energy through his staff and his hands. He had laser vision like the Makuta, and could speak Matoran language. He could also lift up an entire building. He was smart, and unlike most villains, thinks before he acted. He was strong enough to punch through stell with one blow of his fist, and could heat up his body to a temperature of 1000 degrees without burning. He is, unlike normal Rahkshi, not weakened when his staff is removed, but he will be weakened when it is destroyed.

Mask and ToolsEdit

He doesn't wear a mask, but has a gaint fire staff and also, like all Rahkshi, has a spine, although it is enormous compared to a normal Rahkshi. He does not use Kraata.