Hey there. I would like to say to all of you that Clawkiller's Story will be posted on this wiki too, together with A Murderer's Tale and the premiere of The Doom Event, if that is allowed. If so, I'll consider posting Beyond and Alternate Shadows here too.

Clawkiller's Story is basicaly about how Clawkiller became the Bounty Hunter he is today.

A Murderer's Tale is about the events after Clawkiller's Story until the Doom Event

The Doom Event is about everything that happens when the main characters arrive at the Black Spike Mountains.

Beyond is about the story of Mysterious N, Mysterious M and Beyond.

Alternate Shadows is about Alternate Bevio's past until his arrival in the main dimension.

And afterwards, the series conclusion, which is unnamed as of now, about how the stories end.

It will be posted tomorrow, and I hope that, if you have time to read it, you like it.

Signin' out.

Makuta Bevio