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    October 29, 2011 by The Inceptionist

    As we all know, the wiki recently acquired a new namespace for roleplays. I was thinking: what would be some good ideas for a roleplay on the wiki? What would be the topic and time period? Also, roleplays tend to work better with many members, which we don't really have. Should we try and do more advertising or recruiting to amp up our number of members? Tell me what you think.

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  • The Inceptionist

    I Am Not Dead

    October 17, 2011 by The Inceptionist

    I am alive. And I will hopefully be back for a very long time. I probably owe you all a large explanation, but my reasons for absence would fill up this entire page. To say the least, I have been extremely busy. I will start editing again, mostly on the weekends (this is when I have the most free time).

    And to the RP idea that has been floating around: I say it's genius. Just what this wiki needs.

    That is all for now....

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  • The Inceptionist


    March 12, 2011 by The Inceptionist

    I was sort of thinking: this wiki's policy section is not that great. I would try to create and update all the policy information myself, but that would take a million years and a day.

    So...why not force ask for my slaves all fellow administrators to help? I was thinking about making a policy section similar to that of the Custom Bionicles Wiki, including key elements like Manual of Style, User Rights, etc. Doing something like this will be a fairly big community project, and it will not get done overnight. But if it is accomplished, this wiki will become even better than before.

    Tell me what you think about it and if you'd be willing to help.

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  • The Inceptionist

    Hello, everyone! As you can all tell, I have remodeled the site.

    It's about time.

    The color scheme has been changed around, and I definitely think the dark red and gold suits this site very well. I've also changed the logo in the top left of all pages on the site. Not too special, but it looks nicer than before.

    The main page has gone through the most change. I swear, I've hit the Edit button about fifty thousand times in the past couple of days. My hand has is overkill with clicking and typing. However, I think it's really paid off. The main page logo is complete. I've gone through and changed the boxes that hold all the info, as well as created a poll.

    I've got to say, I did some pretty tedious, careful work lately. Tell me what you think of…

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