The void is a power wielded only by characters from the void. The only other characters who can wield the void are those who either instilled with it by a powerful void wielder from the void, or wield a weapon or relic instilled with void powers.

Characters that wield the void have the ability to:Edit

-          Turn their body, weapons, and armor parts from whatever color they are to pitch black until they are so dark that they absorb more light than there is present, making the area around them darker.

-          Create something out of nothing. Allowing them to make minions on the spot.

-          Fly.

-          Teleport.

-          Create portals of various kinds to other places, dimensions, and timeframes.

-          Channel void energy out in various forms (blades, giant beams of destruction, fire, lightning, etc.) all the color black.

-          Make their weapons, tools, and armor appear and disappear at will.

-          Control gravity.

Other properties of void:Edit

-Void energy is the opposite of energy and therefore cannot power normal technology; however, it can power void technology.

-Void energy is so dark that it absorbs more light than there is present, making the area around it darker.


Void characters can create various kinds of portals; some of the more commonly known among void wielders are the following:

-Mirror shield: sends anything going into it straight out at the exact same speed, pretty useful when someone is throwing something at you.

-Void field: a spherical portal that surrounds the character and anything that hits the void field goes straight out the other side; wielders can make the portal send light through the other side as well, making the void field invisible. NOTE: it is possible to teleport into the inside of a void field.


Character known to wield the void:Edit

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